Internet Technologies and SOLO

Following on from last weeks lesson and blog post I moved the students on to introduce them to SOLO taxonomy.

From last week I understood that most students in the class ere able to identify the level they were at from the learning outcome given but there were some who weren’t.  Interestingly, the 2 students who thought they were at extended abstract level were 2 of the weaker students in the class.

I started the lesson by asking these 2 students to explain how the were able to know so much about Internet technologies after 2 weeks (I accept that some students may be at extended abstract so I decided to pose a scenario)

“Me and 4 friends want to meet up and go camping.  we want to use an Internet technology to help us plan this trip.  2 of my friends are in England and the other one is in France”  I asked the 2 students to identify which Internet technology they would use and why.  They were not able to do this.

I showed 5 different learning outcomes and asked students to place them in the appropriate level see image.  They did this quite successfully and this gave them a good idea of  what someone at each level would be able to do.

I am just getting my head around SOLO but I can completely see how it can be used in almost all areas of school.

I have started looking at creating learning outcomes for multiple tasks to allow me to do a similar task with all my classes.

The next step for this class is to create their Powtoon on Internet technologies (similar to mine), upload it to Edmodo and the peer assess their work.  from here I will try to use the hexagons and SOLO stations.

As I have done previously, I will share students final work and keep you updated with my SOLO progress.

The students final projects can be found here.

I asked the students to peer assess using this peer assessment sheet.  I showed them an things that they would be expected to see at the various levels here, and asked them to think about what level their peers were at – giving reasons for this

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